IconCommands Jailbreak

IconCommands lets jailbroken iOS users customize what happens when they tap on icons. Want to set up gestures for additional taps? Don't like holding down to delete apps and want a quicker solution? Once downloaded, with IconCommands you can head over to your settings and set up all that and more.

For example, you can set two taps to display application info and three taps to delete the app. There are also several other options including restart springboard, search Google, switch to Safe Mode, hide, and many more. I found this to be a super fast way to search the web, respring, delete, and hide icons. Much easier than jumping into SBSettings to hide icons. It's also much easier than jumping into Safari to search the web. I simply tap any icon four times and it brings up a prompt to search the web.

You can find IconCommands in Cydia for $1.99.

[$1.99 - Cydia Store Link]