Race Against Time: Collect colour CHROMOs, defeat ever-changing enemies and get really, really good at jumping between platforms as you speed through twelve unique, gorgeous and challenging levels.

Movies HD: Movies HD is a movie and TV series catalog application with stunning graphics. It allows you to quickly add, find and view movies in your library (with the ability to add new movies by seeking by title using lots of data sources - so all movie details are filled in for you!). It also allows to lend movies to friends, so you can easily keep track of who you gave that copy of "Quantum of Solace" to.

Prizma: This time around our little spherical friends need to send colored light beams across obstacle filled paths to reach their buddies. But the poor things aren't very clever. They don't know where to stand, which direction to face or even whom to send the light to! It's up to you to lend them a hand and save the day!

MAGapp Pro: An interactive e-magazine reader that incorporates video, social media and web features into its varied publications. MAGapp’s range of e-magazines and e-books are exclusively published using this e-reader to make the most of its entertaining, interactive features. MAGapp takes mobile reading to a new level, don’t just read content, experience it!

Pigeonholes: Unlike other content management and syncing apps, Pigeonholes is licensed with real-person help desk and email support and is supplied with a training session so you are assured that your administrator will understand how to use and maximize the app.

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