Zepi:Classic HD: Do you want to prove that your fingers are the fastest in the world and your reflexes are the quickest in the universe? Welcome to try out Zepi – a fun exciting brain game for players of any age.

Diet Cakes Weight Loss: Rather than a boring book that you might flick through and never look at again, Diet Cakes gives you the pleasure of clearing an entire tray of cakes or donuts or ice-cream cones and getting benefit from it. Inside each cake, donut, and ice-cream cone is a Diet Cake Motivational Cookie - these 36 fortune-style type cookies contain ideas and questions designed to inspire your weight loss.

AppStart: A fun, interactive magazine about your iPhone & apps! And it's oh so pretty!

Onibi: A kinetic puzzler where the player is a forest spirit who must wind paths that awaken the other voices of the forest. Keep your flow and other spirits will follow you. The result is a symphony of motion and sound that is different every time.

Super Crate Box:

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