Kick'n Chick'nz: Medieval Karnival: A hilariously funny new game full of exciting carnival arcade style games, unique gameplay dynamics plus beautiful 3D graphics and animations. The story begins with a wee tyke named "Margie", aye she's a tuffy...and a spoiled one at that!

QR Pal - QR Code Scanner and Barcode Reader: The most advanced QR Code Scanner and Barcode Reader available which enables users to scan, store, share and pay. QR Pal is the only QR Code Scanner that rewards its users for scanning and sharing with monthly cash prizes. QR Pal also includes SafeScan giving you peace of mind that your scanning is always secure. You can even compare prices of products using the in-built Barcode Reader!

Phase - Blinky's Adventure: Built using the Unreal Development Kit from Epic Games, Phase - Blinky's Adventure follows the voyage of Blinky, a robot sent to explore an unknown planet in search of a new home.

Icon Craft: Create one-touch shortcut icons on your home screen for actions such as making a call or sending a message.

Baby Game: Cutie Frog/Cat/Crab: A simple app that lets your child pull on a fog, cat, or crab's eyes and lips.

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