Daily Tip: How to find closed caption TV shows and movies on iTunes

Apple has posted up a great tip on how to find closed caption TV shows and movies on iTunes.

Closed captioning for the hearing impaired is now available in iTunes for new TV episodes as well as thousands of movies and iTunes U video episodes. As you browse the store you can determine whether the particular content you're looking at has closed caption support by looking for the small cc icon in the info on the left side of their pages. The cc icon also appears in lists of TV episodes and in iTunes U offerings with multiple episodes (e.g. Developing Apps for iOS, from Stanford). To find all the content with closed captioning in Movies, TV or iTunes U, click the Power Search link in Quick LInks in the iTunes store, select the category you want to search within from the Results popup, and check the option to search only for closed captioning before you use the Search button.

On iPhone and iPod touch, Select iPod in General Settings and scroll down to the Video section. On iPad look for the switch in Video in General Settings.

Apple does an amazing job with their accessibility features and hopefully even more TV shows and movies will be made available with closed captioning soon.

If you have any other TV, movie, or accessibility tips for iPhone and iPad, let us know!

Source: Inside iTunes

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