Daily Tip: How to quickly navigate to the content you want in iTunes

Curious how to quickly get to specific section or category of content in iTunes for Windows or Mac? Luckily Apple has provided convenient drop-down menus for all the major sections like Music, Movies, TV Shows, App Store, Books, Podcasts, iTunes U, and, um... Ping.

In the iTunes Store, you can quickly and easily go from anywhere in the store directly to a particular media type, genre, or special feature by using the top navigation bar. Hovering your pointer over the titles which are always present at the top of the iTunes Store window causes downward pointing triangles to appear next to each media type. Click one and you'll see a list of helpful links related to that media type which you can use to navigate to what you're interested in -- Jazz in Music perhaps, Action & Adventure in Movies, Comedy in the TV Store, Games in the App Store, and more.

You can use this tip to quickly get more games for your iPhone or iPad, or to jump right to the technology section in podcasts for iPhone Live, iPad Live, and all our other fine shows.

[Inside iTunes]

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