Rogers just update you to the latest iPhone value pack, or figure out some other way to stick you with their ringbacks service, and you're desperate to find out how to turn it off? They don't want to make it easy -- they want you to pay money for more Ringbacks -- but after over an hour of waiting on 3 different customer service and tech support reps, I got the answer. Here it is:

  1. From your Rogers iPhone, text 555 with the word OFF.
  2. You'll get an autoreponder with a link to
  3. Tap the link. You need to be on Rogers' network (i.e. not Wi-Fi) to access this page!
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and turn OFF both Ringbacks and Voice Greetings.
  5. (Yes, Ringbacks are so annoying they require and additionally annoying Voice Greeting to beg the people who call you not to hang up while they're annoyed by the Ringback.)

Rogers tried to get me to give Ringbacks a chance, saying if I loved the Beatles and my friends new I loved the Beatles, I could entertain them with a Beatles track while they waited for me to answer. I politely replied that the ringing-until-the-phone-is-answered interface was so common as to be off-putting when removed, and said I wanted to kill it just to watch it die.

(I've heard that's been a very common request.)

The problem here is that Ringbacks are forced on others. They confuse parents and they could offend those trying to reach you (Seth swears if he hears Nickelback even one time when he calls me, he's deleting me as a contact). If you like Ringbacks, more power to you. If you despise this latest attempt to add feature bloat to cell plans, just say no. Or text OFF. whatever works for you.