Dark Angel

The price of Dark Angels is normally $7.99 but it has been reduced from now until April 22 by 10% to $7.19. Dark Angels is the third expansion for Space Hulk: Ascension, which is based on the Games Workshop board game set in its Warhammer 40K universe. Here's what players can expect from Dark Angels:

Featuring over 25 hours of content, Space Hulk: Ascension - Dark Angels continues to add incredible features and value to the turn-based strategy game. Written by Black Library author Graeme Lyon, the story campaign "Bringer of Sorrow" sees the planet Corinthe under attack by Tyranid forces, with a newly emerged Space Hulk that has to be eliminated by the Deathwing. Plasma Cannons shoot out huge fireballs of glowing plasma that splash across large areas, causing insane amounts of damage. They can be overcharged for additional splash damage. The Apothecary is a support class that complements players command slot in their squad, and bolsters the resolve of nearby Terminators and supports defensive play styles.

Developer Full Control, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, first released Space Hulk: Ascension in 2013. It recently announced that the game would be the last new project from the studio, although it will continue to support Space Hulk: Ascension and all of its previously released games.

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