Iceberg Interactive has announced the forthcoming release of a 2.5D survival platform action game called Dark Matter. It's coming to Mac, Windows and Linux simultaneously when it's released via Steam in mid-October.

Dark Matter is the brainchild of InterWave Studios, the developer behind the multiplatform FPS/RTS Nuclear Dawn. The game was initially funded through a Kickstarter program, and now it's coming to fruition. Dark Matter takes place on a derelict spaceship infested with an alien presence. You're an ensign aboard the craft, and you must explore the spaceship scavenging for parts and blueprints as you battle aliens that adapt to your play style.

The game features 14 levels, four weapons with four ammo types, crafting ability (so you can turn scrap and alien resources into tools and health packs), specialized weapons upgrades, non-linear exploration, and much more. The game's built from the ground up to take advantage of Steam capabilities like Steam Cloud (allowing you to save your game and play from different computers) and Steam Play (which lets you play on any supported platform, not just Mac).