Dark Sky gets brand new design, expanded forecasts, and better maps in version 4.0; get it now!

Forecasting app Dark Sky has received a major overhaul in its update to version 4.0 with a brand new design, as well as extended forcasts and improved and expanded weather maps, stepping up to become a full-featured weather app.

Dark Sky still places an emphasis on predicting precipitation, but the app looks to be more useful to all users, even when rain or snow isn't nearby. The new current conditions screen displays the current temperature and precipitation as always, but adds a "Feels like" readout as well. Additionally, tapping the circle will display current wind conditions, humidity, air pressure, and visability. Dark Sky 4.0 also adds detailed 24-hour and 7-day forecasts to the app's lineup.

The new maps are faster, more responsive, and cover a greater amount of time. In addition to the percipitation map, Dark Sky now also has a temperature map. The precipitation maps shows storm patterns from the next seven days, as well as the previous four, while the temperature map shows you the next five and the previous three. Both maps are comprehensive and colorful, clearly displaying data for easy interpretation.

Current Dark Sky users can download version 4.0 as a free update from the App Store right now.

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