DataVault for iPhone and iPad now supports automatic iCloud backup

DataVault for iPhone was updated a little while back with quite a few new features, most notably automatic iCloud sync. While you can still sync with Dropbox, DataVault Desktops, over Wi-Fi, and via iOS file sharing, iCloud is great addition.

If you're already a DataVault user, none of the new features or enhancements will change how you use the app or what you're used to. You're basically going to notice little refinements throughout the app that make the experience better overall. DataVault's main focus was iCloud sync and making it seamless which leaves the user less to worry about.

Backup has been a challenge for iOS developers for some time. Most developers relied on Wi-Fi sync to desktop versions, desktop utilities or email backups but those aren't elegant solutions. We were the first to implement Apple file sharing to backup but that wasn't a robust solution because Apple's implementation deleted files along with apps!

In this version, we've implemented automatic iCloud backup that saves the complete database for the last 7 times the user makes an edit. We also offer backup to Dropbox and various sync methods to use DataVault for Mac or DataVault for Windows as the main backup destination but we feel automatic iCloud sync is a big step forward.

DataVault has also been updated for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5, and received other performance enhancements.

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