DC Comics has just announced a deal to bring their monthly content to Apple's iBooks as well as to the Kindle and Nook online stores. While DC Comics already has offerings in the App Store in the form of graphic novels via their own apps or apps like ComiXology, monthly content hasn't been available in iBooks natively, until now.

DC Comics had the following to say in an interview with TechCrunch on the move to digital subscriptions -

Hank Kanalz, DC’s senior vice president of digital, told me that he wants comics to be available on any platform where readers want to find them. He added that by integrating with the big e-bookstores, DC is allowing fans to “watch their movies, read their prose and their comics all in one device, in one library.”

DC also stated that digital comic sales climb 197% year after year which explains why it should be a really good move for them. That isn't to say their print series aren't doing well as they saw 12% growth there as well. While DC says print is still where their main focus lies from a storytelling experience standpoint, digital is still important. They plan on releasing digital only comics just as they do print.

Anyone excited to be able to have DC Comic subscriptions straight through iBooks with all your other subscriptions or does having another app to consume them not bother you?

Source: TechCrunch