iAds is Apple's attempt to bring the emotion of television to the interactivity of online, but the Wall Street Journal says it's off to a bumpy start. Apparently, part of the reason is -- surprise, surprise -- Apple is exerting tight control over the platform (what, punch the monkey ads aren't good enough for iOS?!). Apple is also producing the ads themselves at this point and there appear to be longer than expected delays getting them up and running even after they've been signed off on.

That has made the creation of the mobile ads laborious, taking about eight to 10 weeks from brainstorm to completion—longer than normal for most mobile ads, executives said. The building of the actual ad, handled by Apple, in some cases is taking two weeks longer than expected, one person added.

Once online, however, they seem to be working.

A Nissan spokeswoman said its iAd "has driven exceptional results to date." The company said the rate of users tapping on the banner is five times the click-through-rate of the Nissan Leaf online campaign.

Those "people familiar with the matter" claim Apple underestimated the demands of the new business and are scrambling to learn how best to deal with the Mad Men of advertising.

Once it gets established, once Apple rolls out an HTML5 development environment for it, once we see more of it internationally (I don't think I've seen a single iAd yet, anyone else outside the US?) -- i.e. once it matures -- these problems could go either go away, or just become the constant, mild grumbling we hear with App Store growing pains.

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