iPhone 3G on Sale July 11

I was just listening to Dieter and Mike's latest PalmCast, where they were crowing in duet about how sweet it was that the Palm Pre has an app that can book movie tickets and automagically add the movie event information to the Palm Pre calendar.

I know, I know. If they love the Palm Pre so much, why don't they just marry it? (Dieter is, in fact, looking for a state that may allow it...) But they raise an excellent point -- where's the iPhone version of that functionality? Why can't we push a button on our movie ticket app, or concert tour app, or tradeshow app, or whatever and have that slice of time booked off for us in our calendar?

While the iPhone SDK allows access to the Contacts database to do all manner of glorious, 3rd party app-powered magic, Apple has thus far not surfaced any APIs to do the same for calendaring. I don't believe the new 3.0 SDK has announced any improvements in that area either.

What makes calendar so different? MobileMe and ActiveSync push both. Apple's even giving Calendar some much-appreciated CalDAV and subscription love, with no CardDAV that we're aware of for contacts.

We're sure developers would appreciate it. We know users would adore it.

Anyone have any idea why we don't have this yet?