Dear Apple, if you're releasing a new wireless keyboard, why not take this opportunity to make it work with iPhone? If the rumor-mill is to be believed, you're is set to release new iMacs and Mac Minis (and hopefully a 27" or 30" LED display!) perhaps as soon as next week (hey, there was a Spotlight Turns to Notebooks event last October!). And if the FCC filings are accurate, they'll have a new multitouch mouse and wireless keyboard to go with them. Apple, in the name of everyone whining on the internet for it -- please let that wireless keyboard work with the iPhone.

You introduced enhanced peripheral functionality last March during the iPhone 3.0 SDK event, including dock and Bluetooth access, but you didn't add the Bluetooth profile or any drivers for keyboards. That led to many sad, irritated messages sent our way via comments, email, and tweets. Now, with MMS in the US finally off your miss-list, wouldn't it be nice to scratch external keyboard off that list as well? Since we haven't even seen a beta for iPhone 3.2 yet, mightn't you not introduce said drivers there?

No need to answer now. We'll just wait for your next event (which we'll be liveblogging right here at TiPb, 'natch) and hope for the best.