The minute our iPhone calendars turned from August 31 to September 1, TiPb's email box started getting many colorful variations of "Summer is over, where's our [redacted redacted redacted... redacted!] MMS and tethering!

While Apple showed off the front-end for MMS and tethering back in March, released it along with iPhone 3.0 in June, and most of the rest of the world has been enjoying it ever since, AT&T is a notable, and increasingly infuriating exception. Late summer (and when is that exactly?), and that it will be no extra charge, is all they've said. And whether you personally would use MMS or not, right now you don't even have that choice.

We've heard all the excuses, from AT&T's network can barely handle the iPhone as-is, and MMS and especially tethering would bring it, crashing and burning, to its knees, to a rumor that AT&T had to manually turn on MMS for every single iPhone account on their system. We've also heard it may be announced as part of Apple's September 9th event. That would be very late summer indeed.

But that's all we've heard. There's been no update from AT&T that we can find, no attempt to keep their users in the loop, no expression of sympathy for the frustration their users are voicing (or emailing us!). AT&T is being almost Apple-esque in their lack of communications and for a company that's in the communications business -- and is charging high monthly rates to its consumers -- that's just not good enough.

Is it?