Okay. Fine. Our bestest buddies over at PreCentral.net are crowing over the rumor-revelation that the Palm Pre will support "push" Gmail via IMAP IDLE [Wikipedia link]. Not as robust as BlackBerry or Microsoft ActiveSync, they say, but yarly enough. And good for them.

Of course Google's own mobile OS, Android, also enjoys push Gmail. Also fine and good and all that.

But where's ours?

Gmail has been on the iPhone since day one -- when Yahoo! offered push email to the iPhone -- and has trucked along through year 2 -- when Apple offered MobileMe and ActiveSync push in iPhone 2.0, and even Google offered ActiveSync for everything except Gmail (?!).

We've been patient. We've been true. We've used the freebie and the paid Google Accounts version. We've suffered Gmail's ludicrous 10 simultaneous connection limits, its certificate errors, its "unknown email box (Inbox)" shenanigans. We've earned it, Google.

So, how about Apple board member Eric Schmidt stroll up on the WWDC stage -- just like he did at Macworld 2007 -- and announce push Gmail over either ActiveSync or IMAP IDLE (for those of us who already use our only ActiveSync account for a work-related Exchange server). Or put it out in a press release, or one line throw-away from Joz or Forstall. Really, we don't care. Just give it to us.