Steven Smith, infamous for actually buying a Zune has -- Oh, wait... editor's correcting me here... seems he... what? -- actually buying a Zune and tattooing it's irrelevant logo and nonsensical branding onto his body (seriously?) -- has broken up with the derivative little mp3 player of his affection, and splashed the sordid aftermath all over the intertubes.

For Smith, the bottom line was lack of innovation, current and future, in the face of Apple and Sony, and more: Smith thinks Ballmer is getting ready to bail.

Yeahbuwhy are we covering this? It's a warning people. Smith's special form of... er... product enthusiasm may soon be coming our way. See, some non-briefed third party retailer slipped up and sold Smith an iPod Touch. Smith tells iPhoneSavior:

It's super thin and does some really neat stuff like tilting to go into cover flow. I also like watching movies on it. I can go anywhere to get iPod accessories, that's not the case with Zune stuff in Iowa.

Brilliant, salestard, that's only one short step away from an iPhone! Sound red alert and prepare to duck and cover! It's Switchpocolypse now-ish!

See Smith's "it's not me, it's you" video after the break. (Warning, occasional language and fanboy heartache).