Deliveries for iPhone and iPad updates with a widget, an extension, and much more

Deliveries, the app formerly known as Delivery Status Touch, has hit version 6.0, bringing some improtant features and updates, the least of which is the name change. The app now requires a version of iOS 8 and now features a Notification Center widget, an action extension, and better iCloud support.

The Notification Center Widget in Deliveries lets you keep track of your incoming packages without needing to open the app. The app's notifications are also now interactive, letting you archive and item from the alert. Adding deliveries is faster now, as well. Enter the information you have, and the app will give you a list of options. When adding a delivery, there's a new, big button to open the barcode scanner. Finally, the action extension "Add to Deliveries" is now available in Safari.

There are a number of smaller touches that make using the app easier. Deliveries now incorporates iCloud Keychain, as well as the 1Password extension. Your favorite services will now be automatically marked. The design has been updated slightly to more closely match the Mac counterpart, as well as for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Support for iCloud has also been improved, especially for those using iCloud Drive.

You can download Deliveries 6.0 from the App Store right now.

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