Jobs vs. Dell

Yeah, yeah, Michael Dell once said Apple should be shut down and the money returned to shareholders. We all know the can of whupApps Steve Jobs has unleashed on the industry since then. These days, Apple's profits look as good as their products and Dell's... likewise.

So it's with no small amount of trepidation we notice WMExperts noticing the world noticing Dell might just be making an entry into the smartphone market...

What's wrong with that picture is pretty much what's wrong with the exhibit in general. While Apple holds a fairly small percentage of the global cellphone market (as it does the global computer market), it happens to enjoy among the largest percentage of profit in the market (also, as it does with computers).

MacDailyNews highlights that while Apple ships an insignificant number of units compared to a behemoth like Nokia, it makes DOUBLE the profit of Nokia. Likewise, while rivals such as the Palm Pre are getting some much deserved attention, their finances (and thus ability to pay talent and fund much needed R&D) are on the brink -- while Apple has nearly $30 BILLION in the bank.

So, while carriers are increasingly desperate for "hero" phones to make a splash and attract high-spending customers, according to, current performance is showing few -- if any -- can currently match either the return on investment, or user experience, of the iPhone.

Sure, the smartphone market in general is continuing to grow, and may even be recession proof according to Forbes, but is anyone outside of Apple really poised with enough creativity, cash, and cunning to leverage it?

[Thanks to Jeremy and Dieter for source links!]