iPhone 6

The latest data from Kantar WorldPanel shows that the recent launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has boosted Apple's sales numbers, with iOS now accounting for 15.4 percent of the market share in the five big European territories. Android still accounts for a majority of the market share at 73.9 percent, with Windows Phone coming in third place at 9.2 percent.

In Great Britain, where the new iPhone models started shipping on 19 September, Apple saw its sales share up by 1.7% compared with the same period last year, taking share of iOS to 31%.

Across the major European markets, where the new iPhone models were made available between the 19 and 26 September, initial sales of the new iPhone models have overwhelmingly been from existing iPhone owners (87%).

The market research firm found that the iPhone 6 outsold its larger sibling five-to-one in Europe. Apple also witnessed an increase in market share in China and Australia following the launch of the newer iPhone models in those regions.

In the US, Android grew its market share by 4.5 percent, now commanding a 61.8 percent market share, while iOS witnessed a decline of 3.3 percent to 32.6 percent. Windows Phone also shrank from 4.6 percent to 4.3 percent.

What do you guys make of Kantar's numbers?

Source: Kantar