Government moves to compel Apple to unlock iPhone in New York drug case

While the FBI may have withdrawn its efforts to compel Apple to help it unlock an iPhone used by one the San Bernardino shooters, the government is still seeking similar help from Apple in New York. The government is appealing a judge's decision which held that Apple didn't have to help open a drug dealer's iPhone under the All Writs Act.

According to Bloomberg:

The government will pursue an appeal in Brooklyn after losing a pivotal clash over privacy rights there as a judge last month rejected its demand that Apple help access the phone. He called the U.S. argument that the company is required to cooperate under a 1789 law called the All Writs Act "obnoxious to the law."

The U.S. said in a court filing Friday that it will go ahead with the appeal because Apple had previously cooperated in getting into the version of the phone and should do so again.

This comes despite the fact that the FBI has obtained a method of unlocking some iPhones, which Apple claims will have a short lifespan as the company improves the security on its devices. The iPhone in the New York case apparently runs iOS 7, which the government says Apple has accessed for them in the past.

FBI vs. Apple