Designer Marc Newson opened up a bit about working with Apple in an interview, published last month in London Evening Standard. Although his position at Apple was only announced last September, Newson has been collaborating with his friend Jony Ive for a while, including some unspecified work on the Apple Watch. While details on his position at Apple are still scarce (he's working on "special projects"), he's currently thinking about how technology will continue to intersect with fashion, according to an interview with the London Evening Standard:

What is Newson's next move? He's not allowed to say, of course. But the clue is in his job title. Don't expect a Newson iPhone or iPad: stand by for something more. He's particularly interested in what technology can bring to fashion. 'We will start to see more technology embedded in garments — magic woven in. There are some incredible things that are going to happen.'

Newson also took on criticism of the Apple Watch. In response to some corners of the industry saying that the watch can't be a luxury product because it's aimed at the mass market, Newson stated his belief that luxury is less about rarity and more about the quality of the product. Addressing concerns about the Apple Watch becoming outdated, he offered this:

'The way I see it, it's evolution, progress,' Newson recovers. 'And we are doing wonderful things. In one of the versions of the watch, the box it comes in acts as a charging device that you can use for other models. So it becomes a useful object and not something that will just sit in the top drawer of your cupboard for the rest of eternity.

When asked about the potential for an Apple Car, Newson said only that there was a lot of opportunity for cars to be more intelligent.

Source: London Evening Standard