The Apple Watch, is generally meant for quick interactions: checking the time, looking up a score for a game, or sending a text. Brevity and simplicity are among the best practices for designing an Apple Watch app, and while some developers initially planned on simply creating smaller versions of their exiting iPhone apps, many found that they needed to re-think their apps for the much smaller screen of the watch. On the Apple Watch, notifications have become particularly important, according to The Wall Street Journal:

Adam Grossman, founder of Dark Sky, a popular weather app for the iPhone and, soon, the Apple Watch, said notifications will in some cases take the place of the app, and help developers keep interactions brief. "Who wants to keep their wrists up to their face for many minutes?" he asked.

Notifications on the Apple Watch aren't just about getting users information, but getting them the most relevant information that they can. Travel apps like Expedia, for instance, will notify you based on your itinerary:

On the way to the airport, for instance, the Watch app can notify users of the proper terminal and whether a flight is on time. In the airport, notifications may include a reservation-confirmation number or gate assignment. On arrival, users will be notified of the location of baggage claim, the rental car or the hotel address.

Several apps have already been updated for the Apple Watch, which is available for pre-order now.

Source: The Wall Street Journal