What could be more convenient than ordering pizza by phone? Ordering pizza by iPhone, of course. A service called Tribal Pizza puts a new spin on the tired concept of street corner Pizzerias by combining all the social network flair of Digg with the convenience of fast food, topped with web 2.0 goodness.

Here's how it works. By visiting Tribal's website, you design your very own Pizza creation through a web interface - any combination of toppings and layers you like. Users then vote or "Digg" your creation up or down, in a matter of speaking. If your Pizza design proves to be popular enough, Tribal will market it and pay you on a commission basis. You know, a slice of the profits, a piece of the action, share the dough.

Now, what the hell does any of this have to do with iPhone, you ask? Only that Tribal Pizza informs me that it currently has a special iPhone enabled website in the oven that will ultimately allow users to create their very own Pizza via Safari. Design your Pizza on the iPhone, order it, then eat. Hot, fresh, out of the box.

Enough with the puns. I'm getting hungry now.