Digital versions of board games are more and more so becoming a thing, and Dice+ looks to combine that experience with an element of the traditional. It's a regular looking 6-sided dice, but inside it houses Bluetooth that connects to the game you're playing on your iPad – or iPhone, presumably, though less suited to playing these sort of games perhaps – so you can roll the dice yourself and have the results in the game.

It's a pretty neat idea, and if you're as skeptical as I am – or maybe I'm just an old cynic – over the randomness of in-game dice rolls, this should be right up your street. Initial support is a little on the slim side, but it does come bundled with 6 games to play with it. The better news is that there's an SDK for the Dice+, so hopefully developers will pick it up and implement support down the line.

It isn't the cheapest dice you'll ever buy, coming in at $39.99, but I have to admit to being kind of interested. It's a pretty nice idea, we'll have to wait and see if it takes off, though. Any one else out there interested by this?

Source: Dice+ via The Verge