In an article over at Brighthand, Antoine Wright raised an interesting and thought-provoking point, that Apple should have ignored developer's wishes and maintain their web app platform. He believes that Safari, one of the most capable mobile browsers available, could have paved the way for an even better web experience by offering very polished web apps. He lists examples such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and banking sites as those who have created great web apps.

Apple, with its own browser, Safari, and a fresh mobile platform, had the opportunity to really change the game when it came to making web applications. These could have become a standard type of software platform model for mobile devices. The company chose instead to listen to developers.

His main problem with native applications is that it doesn't port as easily to different phone platforms and devices. Native applications have to be re-packaged and even re-built from the start to fit a specific device. He cites Google Gears as an example of great web applications, and wishes that the iPhone could create a similar experience.

Though we at TiPb would have loved to see Apple make some headway in Web Apps and do see a future in it, we just don't think straying away from Native Apps would have been the answer. Native Apps provide a distinct advantage, they work without an internet connection and offer a more immersive experience. Native Apps aren't trapped to the confines of Safari and theoretically, offer limitless potential. TiPb's vote goes to Native Apps FTW.

What do you guys think? Web Apps all the way? Or did Apple make the smart decision in admitting an error and allowing 3rd party native apps?