Earlier this week Google bought Nest for a stupefying $3.2 billion dollars, and reaction to the deal has been extreme to say the least. We saw some members of the tech community vow to rip their existing Nests from wall, stomp them into bits, and never do business with them again. We saw Apple's Phil Schiller unfollowing Tony Fadell. Yet we also saw our own Phil Nickinson and Kevin Michaluk raced out to buy Nests and get them installed. So what's to be made of all this?

I understand why people fear Google, so I can certainly see how Google getting involved with Nest could be a concern. I can also see why people who love Google would suddenly find Nest even more interesting and compelling. And, certainly, my own sympathies lie with those for whom it makes absolutely no difference either way.

What I'm really curious about is how you feel? What does Google buying Nest mean to you?