The new iMac Pro came out last week, and a lot of people have started wondering whether or not they should actually pick up that $5,000+ beast or go for a MacBook, Mac, or whatever else their Apple-loving hearts desire.

If you're someone who has taken the plunge and picked up a new Mac of any sort, first off — congrats! — and secondly, are you happy with your purchase?

We want to know if you've had a chance to buy a new Mac recently and what your experience has been like! Have you been unable to put your new baby down? Are you regretting not picking one particular model over another?

Buying a new computer — not to mention a fancy new Mac — can be daunting/exciting/amazing so we're eager to hear what your experience has been like if you've actually picked up a new Mac (or even why you wont be getting a new Mac) this holiday season.

Hop on into the iMore forums today and let us know if you've had the chance to pick up a new Mac this holiday season!