Did you get an iPhone SE? [Poll]

iPhone SE is here and that means fans of the 4-inch screen size can now get it with an A9 processor, 12-megapixel iSight camera, Apple Pay, and almost all the other current-generation trimmings. Starting at $399 for 16 GB and $499 for 64 GB.

For some, the size will matter, and this will be the one-handed, pocket-perfect iPhone they've been waiting for. Others will be drawn to the price — the least expensive point of entry ever for a mostly up-to-date iPhone. Whether you're one of them or neither of them, I'd love to know: Did you upgrade, cross-grade, or shrink-grade to an iPhone SE

Vote in the poll up top and then let me know the details in the comments below — including why you chose to upgrade, or not upgrade, as the case may be!