[evasi0n], the iOS 6 and iPhone 5 jailbreak, has been live for a couple of days now, so we want to know: did you pull the trigger? And if so, why?

For some, jailbreak makes the mainstream iOS decidedly more pro-friendly, adding numerous tweaks, themes, and other features that not only round out, but complete the experience. For others, it makes a stable system just as decidedly unstable.

If you did jailbreak, tell us the features you couldn't live without, and what you've done to make your iPhone or iPad perfect for your needs. If you didn't jailbreak, tell us what concerns you have, or why the jailbreak features aren't, or are no longer, compelling for you.

I haven't jailbroken yet, though I'll jailbreak my secondary phone as soon as I have time so I can play around with it. Prior to iOS 5 I was jailbroken almost all the time, primarily for LockInfo and BiteSMS. iOS has come a long way now, often by copying jailbreak features. There's enough there that I don't feel the urgency any more. What am I missing out on?

There's no wrong or right answer, no one and only way to go. We just want to know which way you went and why?