Well, well, well. Apple sure dropped this one on us, and caught many of us – sleepy Brits included – by surprise. Just last night as we were all getting ready to bed a rumor surfaced that we might be seeing the Retina iPad mini today, and lo and behold here it is. It looks like online sales only at the moment, so, did you order yourself a new Retina iPad mini?

Shipping time seems to vary right now, from 1-3 days on the WiFi only models up to 32GB, increasing to 5-10 days for the larger storage and cellular options. There's no in-store pickup available, so this is our only option right now. For some, that might be the deal breaker, and you might be holding out until it becomes available in physical stores. Or, perhaps you bought a new iPad Air or are just outright happy with what you currently have. And that's just fine too.

So, drop a vote up top, and share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below!