The day we've been waiting on since June has finally arrived; iOS 7 is publicly available to download. Excitement has been building these past few months, and while registered developers have had the chance to play around with it for some time, today is the day that regular iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners get their first taste. Updating isn't without it's frustrations, and while there's a ton of reasons to update immediately, there's an equally strong argument for holding out. So, did you pull the trigger and update to iOS 7 today?

If you're a regular iMore reader, there's every chance you're the type of person who wants to jump on the latest and greatest from Apple as soon as you can. Likewise, the case for waiting has its strong points, clarified pre-launch by our very own Peter Cohen. And then you have to consider the significant – and excruciating at times – server congestion that comes from millions and millions of folks downloading it at the same time.

So, now the dust has settled a little, and we've had a little time to get our heads together, what was the outcome for you? Did you jump on it right away or are you waiting until later on? Perhaps even waiting a number of days? Drop us your vote up top, and let us know why you came to your choice in the comments below!