Apple released their all new OS X Mountain Lion operating system for the Mac today, and at only $19.99 it's priced to move. But did it move you? Did you update to OS X Mountain Lion today, the very moment it came out? If so, how's it working for you?

If you didn't update, are you waiting a day or a week to see if there are any bugs first? Are you using those who did update as your final line of beta testers? If so, how long will you wait, and what specific issues are you looking for?

Are you working on a production machine and can't afford to update to any new software any time soon? Are you always a few months or a year behind? Are there apps you absolutely need updated before your OS is updated? Which ones?

Or are you simply never going to update? Is your Mac too old for OS X Mountain Lion? Or do you just not like the direction Apple's going with its desktop operating system?

And if you don't use the Mac, but Windows or Linux or something else, does Mountain Lion tempt to switch, or make you even happier you're not using the Mac?

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