The difference between iPad and. Toshiba Windows tablet commercials

A while back we compared and contrasted the way Apple was selling the iPad -- as something experiential -- to how carriers were marketing Android tablets -- as spec lists. Now Toshiba has released a new series of ads for their Windows tablet that go in an entirely different direction. Buzzefeed has posted four of them. Here's a sample:

And here's Apple's new iPad ad:

Now I don't find anything aesthetically objectionable about a good looking woman doing yoga, and I'm from Montreal where we're far from puritanical so I have no problem with cleavage or entendres double, triple, or quadruple. But I also worked in marketing for a decade and what I do have a problem with bad marketing.

Let's say, for the sake of argument, that some percentage of Toshiba's target audience finds these ads funny and/or titillating, how does that translate into tablet sales? Would you buy a Toshiba tablet over an iPad because a woman in yoga togs bent over it? Or is Toshiba's goal simply to raise awareness that they have tablets, and get articles like this one written about them?

If there's no such thing as bad press, have they succeeded? Or have they only succeeded in hurting their brand?

Source: Buzzfeed via @gartenberg, The Loop