Digg for iPhone lightens up on the Facebook requirements

A couple weeks ago, Digg v1 hit the web and the App Store and one of the immediate complaints was that in order to user any of Digg's special features, like bookmarking articles, saving to your favorite read-later service, or digging an article, you had to be logged into Facebook. The good news is that the folks at Digg were listening and have removed that restriction for bookmarking articles to Digg's Reading List, Pocket, and Instapaper.

The update also introduces a new feature called "Paperboy". This allows you to set your home location so that whenever you leave home, Digg automatically updates with the latest stories. Additionally, Digg now also supports offline reading.

Although you no longer need to login into Facebook for save an article for later, if you want to "digg" a story (equivalent to a "like" or thumbs up), you must still login to Digg with Facebook. Although this is annoying, it's not nearly as restrictive as before and was a very smart move by Digg. Many of our readers chose not to even download Digg once they heard that you couldn't save articles for later in any way, shape, or form without logging into Facebook.

Now that you can experience more of Digg's features without Facebook, are you planning to give Digg a second chance? I am. Other than the Facebook restriction, I have been impressed with Digg's ability to gather interesting articles covering many ranges of topics.

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