Digg Reader

Not long after Google announced that they were shutting down Reader, social web veteran Digg announced that they would be building a replacement. Details have been scant since then, but their latest status update shows us a glimpse of the Digg Reader client for iOS and web. Priorities have been placed on speed, functionality, simplicity, and cleanliness of UI. In the next two months following the launch they'll be adding some pretty vital stuff, such as integrating with third-party services, search, notifications, filtering, and rating options. Instapaper and Pocket integration will be available at launch.

Digg's iPad app has been around since last fall, and is a surprisingly high-quality destination for curated content. It's great that Digg has rushed to provide an alternative to Google Reader, but Feedly so far seems to be capturing the mind share of those of us left destitute by Google Reader's shut down on July 1. Either way, the switch from Google Reader to either one looks like it will be relatively painless. Digg should be able to import tags and stars in the process.

Digg Reader will be be launching next week by the 26th. Who's in? What are you using to catch news on your iPhone or iPad?