Digital city planners rejoice: SimCity coming to Mac on August 29

SimCity will hit the Mac on August 29. SimCity was originally scheduled to be released for Mac on June 11, but EA punted the game to August, citing quality issues. The announcement came via Maxis Emeryville General Manager Patrick Buechner:

SimCity for the Mac is coming out Aug. 29. Thanks for your patience Mac gamers!

When originally released for PCs in March, SimCity, while receiving many good reviews, was heavily criticized by gamers and critics alike for the necessity of a constant connection to the internet to play a single-player game. Server outages plagued the game at launch, leaving many people unable to login and play the game. These issues have, for the most part, been resolved. As we reported earlier, Mac players will have access to the "SimCity Launch Park" game region, which is otherwise exclusive to those who purchased the game when it originally launched.

Source: Patrick Buechner