It's not the previously rumored Tuesday, Jan. 26, but Digital Daily is claming a "source in a position to know" has told them:

Apple (AAPL) is indeed planning a media event later this month at which the company will announce a major new product.

Steve Jobs has "dented the universe" previously with the Apple II, Mac, iPod and iTunes, Pixar, and again with the iPhone. He's reportedly been working on a new product, often referred to as "the tablet" (or iTablet) with special focus for the last while. Given how tightly integrated Apple is as a company, where Mac development enhances iPhone enriches iPod touch amps up Apple TV goes right back into the Mac, whether or not this new product is an iPhone, and iPhone HD, a new iPod, or the much-rumored iTablet, the services and technologies it brings with it will no doubt be reflected in iPhone 4.0 and whatever 4th generation iPhone comes later.

That's why TiPb is following these stories with such interest. iTunes LP and iTunes Extras is a side note until it's the foundation for new media on an iTablet and iPhone. The iTablet OS X is a tangent until iPhone HD uses its pixels to much the same effect.

And that's why we'll do our best to cover it for you up to Jan. 27, on that day, and thereafter. (Unless it's only iLife '10, in which case we'll blog it and move on... ;) )

Meanwhile, let us know what you think Apple will be announcing, and what you want them to announce, if different.