Digits has introduced it's phone verification system for Apple TV apps

Logging into your favourite Apple TV apps may soon become a much more simplified process, thanks to the fine folks over at Digits. In their latest blog post, they've announced 'Digits for tvOS', a new dev kit which would allow users to log into Apple TV apps using a simple two-step user verification that only requires a phone number.

From the blog post:

Using Digits' device authorization, your app on the Apple TV will show a short alphanumeric code. Your user then simply enters the code on digits.com/appletv via their laptop or smartphone to authorize the device to their account. Once that's done, the TV device receives a Digits session for the user's account which you can use to instantly identify your user and personalize their experience.

Digits is just starting to rolling this new kit out to developers today, so you may start to see the new verification process integrated into tvOS apps in the following days or weeks.

Source: Digits