Discord and other sites are down worldwide due to issues with Cloudfare (update)

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Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Popular chat program Discord is down for many worldwide, with random connectivity issues spawning this evening.

Update July 17, 2020: Discord seems to slowly be coming back online, since we're able to now connect (based in the UK). Keep trying and it should be back fully soon. The issues do seem tied to Cloudfare, rather than Discord itself.

Attempting to connect to the program simply creates a spinning connectivity icon, with no end in sight. The official Discord Twitter page provided an update, saying that its engineers are on the case.

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It seems that we're seeing some issues on the site at our end too, and other sites around the internet, which may indicate that it may be an issue with Cloudfare, which we've seen happen in the past with Discord and other services.

We'll update here when we have more information about what it going on, and when it should come back online.

Jez Corden