Discover delicious food around you with Forkly for iPhone

Forkly is a beautiful social food discovery app that will help you find a delicious meal the next time you're out and about. It features a few different feeds so that you can browse your options by what's nearby, what your friends recommend, or something more specific. When you find something that looks good, you can mark it as something you want, so that you can easily look it up when you're hungry and ready to try something new.

The interface of Forkly is simply gorgeous and features mouthwatering photos shared by other users. For each shared item, you can "want" it, leave a comment, and see who else is interested in trying it out. You can also share to your favorite social network, email, or Messages.

Forkly is one of those apps that gets better with more users, so tell you friends, rate some of your favorite restaurants and dishes, and let us know what you think!

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