Following last week's visit to Pixar, Apple's engineers have continued to preview the upcoming iPad Pro with a stopover at Disney. Disney's artists got a chance to experiment with the iPad Pro's drawing capabilities with the Pencil stylus, including its palm rejection.

Disney project manager Paul Hildebrandt posted about the visit on Twitter:

Meanwhile, the Mouse himself managed to make an appearance thanks to Adobe Sketch:

Disney's Jeff Ranjo also went hands-on with the iPad Pro live on Periscope, the replay of which you can watch right here.

Just as with Pixar's team, the Disney team noted how responsive the iPad Pro was to the Pencil, and how good the palm rejection was. The iPads were equipped with special versions of apps built to be used with the iPad Pro and the Pencil stylus.

Both the iPad Pro and the Pencil are set to launch to consumers at some point in November, though an exact date has yet to be announced.

Source: Paul Hildebrandt