Disney is testing iPads and looks set to use them for its next generation FastPass park system. The current FastPass system allows park guests to receive their passes and avoid lines for popular attractions. The new system is being tested now with selected guests being asked to pre-book attractions in the near future.

Workers going around earlier were using iPads for RFID testing. Coordinator has an iPad training CMs with RFID at Mansion.

After guest scans card, the Cast Member uses a waterproof iPad to see the information from the card (including FP time & other Q&A).

They then select next guest on the iPad if it lights up green or direct them to one of four kiosks if it lights up blue.

Seeing a Haunted Mansion cast member with an iPad is a bit... strange.

The information comes from an unofficial Disney twitter account that claims to to know the various Disney projects going on at the theme parks. It should come as no real surprise that Disney is looking to Apple and the iPad for its new systems. The two companies have always had a close relationship, Steve Jobs served on Disney's board and Disney's Bob Iger is currently a member of Apple's board too.

Source: @DisneyProjects via 9to5 Mac

Disney look set to use iPads for next generation FastPass park system