DisplayPort 1.4 will embrace USB-C and 8K HDR video

USB-C charger
USB-C charger (Image credit: iMore)

VESA has introduced the newest DisplayPort standard, version 1.4, which noticeably will embrace the standard USB-C connector. It isn't the first either, with Thunderbolt 3 already jumping on board, meaning in the future we may just see USB-C ports on PCs and laptops and little else.

On a technical front, DisplayPort 1.4 will introduce support for 8K and HDR video up to 60Hz, and 4K HDR up to 120Hz. That's an incredible amount of information to be transferring at once, all down one little cable. Quite extraordinary, really.

VESA also says that the latest version of its Display Stream Compression is lossless and provides bandwidth for 32 audio channels.

While most of us won't be seeing this any time soon, not to mention the fact that 4K still isn't exactly common, it's always impressive to see technology advancing. Excuse me while I start saving for an 8K display.

Source: DisplayPort via Engadget

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  • Hopefully, this will be the final port, I'm tired of them changing. First it was VGA, then DVI, then Mini DVI, then DisplayPort, then Mini DisplayPort, then Thunderbolt, throw HDMI in the mix and computers had seven different ways (and probably more) to connect a monitor. Why can't people just pick one and stick with it?
  • Well there are 2 reasons for it: 1. Technology evolves 2. One company feels that a connector is not up to the standard they want, so they create a new one which they tout as 'universal'. This has an ironical effect where another company creates 'another' universal port and so on. Fortunately, this all seems to be coming to an end with USB-C which promises to be the perfect port for al of your devices- PCs, Laptops, Phones, Tablets and other devices like speakers, because of the fact that its very versatile and fast, able to take care of power, data and video.
  • USB-C docks are going to be selling like hotcakes. And if they can quickly incorporate this new standard, along with Thunderbolt 3, it will make buying any computer a no-brainer. You can have everything from old legacy Firewire 800 through the latest Thunderbolt all going through one or two ports on a laptop. The next Mac Pro is no doubt being developed with USB-C ports only with Thunderbolt 3. And now with the new DisplayPort standard, it could be quite the powerhouse in a small space.
  • It is becoming very apparent to me that Apple needs to ditch ©Lightning completely and fast (like with the iPhone 7). They need to be all in with USB-C on every computer and on every iOS device. Since USB-C can already handle every technology available and some on the cusp of becoming available, it would make sense for every device to have it. Not just phones and computers either. Audio manufacturers can embrace it as well and move all tech to USB-C which would make a headphone transition much less painless for many people. If I knew USB-C was going to become the default audio connection for the future and would be available on a lot of gear in addition to Apple devices, I would have no problem buying a set up headphones that used USB-C. There is no way in **** I am buying headphones that ONLY work on a lightning connector on an iPhone. It's not like there's a lightning connector anywhere else. You can't even plug a jack like that into a Mac!! So if Apple really does ditch the analog audio jack on the iPhone they better move the entire line to USB-C. Lightning is a dead end.