djay, the music spinning app by Algoriddim, has won multiple Apple Design Awards, most recently for the phenomenal accessibility features the team built into djay Pro for iPad. It's easy to see why, be it on iPad or Mac, djay Pro is so thoughtful, so powerful, that it constantly redefines your expectations for professional creative software. For a while I've been wondering if Algoriddim would — could — bring all of djay Pro's functionality to the much smaller iPhone. Not in terms of power, but in terms of interface. Well, I shouldn't have wondered. Of course they could. Enter djay Pro for iPhone.

By smartly, intuitively zooming into and out of the interface depending on the tool and the timing. It's so slick it sometimes feels like it can read your mind just as much as it can your taps and swipes.

And, oh yeah, on iPhone 7, it's all Taptic. You can feel the beat. And the beat is good.

This is where I once again lament my lack of any and all musical talent. Watching the good people at Algoriddim demo djay Pro, or seeing the video of pro musicians have at it, and its beyond impressive. I'm glad I can use it as a great looking music player, but it's so much fun I wish I could drop that needle, hit those scratches, and release my inner Terminator X.

As it is, I look forward to hearing from those of you with just exactly that kind of talent so you can tell me what you think of having djay Pro all up now in your pocket.

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