djay, Algoriddim's award winning music mixing app, has just gone pro. djay Pro for Mac, to be exact. What that means is more power, more features, and the same incredible interface and ease of use you know and love.

djay has always been an app that makes me kick myself — hard — for not having any musical talent whatsoever. So, imagine how hard I'm kicking myself now that djay Pro is here with horizontal and vertical waveforms, an incredibly useful, persistent, filtered search view, Echo Nest song recommendations, and, of course, Spotify integration so your virtual record box is endlessly deep.

The gorgeously rendered records remain, of course, with accurate artwork and grooves, but now you've got four decks to play with, and custom crossfader alignments. I could go on and on, but honestly I'm running out of both nice things to say and musical terms I understand.

If mixing is your thing and you want to take it to the next level, check out djay pro. You, and anyone and everyone listening to you, will be glad you did. If, like me, you're terrible at mixing but you love amazing interface and just want an incredibly interesting way to play your music, check it out as well.

If iPhone or iPad are more your thing, the original version of djay is available for both as well:

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