Pebble Steel

A quick heads up that if you haven't yet downloaded Pebble v2.1 for iPhone that pushed out through the App Store today, don't. If you do there's a pretty strong chance you'll be left with something that's, well, basically just a watch. Adam Zeis at Smartwatch Fans

We're getting tips from a slew of readers who have updated their Pebble app today, only to be left with a non-functioning watch. The update is crashing at launch and rendering itself useless, making for a lot of unhappy Pebble owners.

One of those unhappy Pebble owners is writing this post. I saw the update, accepted it, and now can't do anything with the watch except tell the time. The app opens – briefly – and then completely crashes. My own Pebble has also lost any Bluetooth connection to my iPhone, and because of the issue with the app I'm completely unable to reconnect.

The 'good' news is that Pebble is aware, and is working on a fix:

So the advice right now is clear. If you haven't updated, don't do it. Wait until the next update beyond v2.1 arrives to do anything. If you already did, then you're quite possibly feeling like I do right now. Frustrating, isn't it?

via Smartwatch Fans