For some people just one mobile device, be it an iPhone or iPad, just isn't enough. That's why Apple makes both, and why dozens of other companies make hundreds of other options. The possibilities really are endless. On a daily basis, I tend to carry a BlackBerry Z30 but my 'other device' depends on the day really. Some days my other device is my iPad mini. Some days it's my iPhone 5s and others, it's my HTC One. It's a blessing of the business to have several different devices to choose from at any given moment but it does make me wonder — how many others carry multiple devices and why?

My iPhone and either my iPad Mini or my Kindle Paperwhite.JustMe'D, iMore Forums Member

This question has come up recently on the iMore Forums and the answers have been interesting to say the least. Some folks are carrying up to 3-4 devices to make it through their day, which I find totally fascinating. Sometimes it's because they personally want one device and work assigns them another. Sometimes its because they need a phone for their main communications but also want a big screen tablet to get more work or more play done. Sometimes it's simply because they're a giant gadget geek and always stock up on the latest and the greatest from every manufacturer.

Carry personal iPhone 5s, work issued BlackBerry Q10 on BES, and work issued iPad.CrackedRosco, iMore Forums Member

If you're carrying more than one device, an iPhone and an iPad, or an iPhone and a BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android, or even a Kindle or Nintendo DS, tell me which ones and, most importantly, way? And if it's because you feel like you need multiple devices to cover all your different use cases, what could Apple do to make that one device for you that would really rule them all? Sound off in the comments or let me know in the forums!