Ahh, the gold iPhone 5s. We knew it was coming thanks to the many leaks ahead of its official announcement and while many folks had to have it from the get go, there was just as many folks out there who thought it was just a little too much. At launch, they ended up being only available in a pretty limited supply and a few folks went to some extremes to get their hands on one. 

Here we are now, a few months after release and Apple has since ramped up production on the devices and there is an increasing amount of them available making it easier for those who want one to get their hands on one.

But what about those of you out there who got one from the start? As asked in the iMore Forums, does anyone actually regret picking up a gold iPhone 5s? Looking back, would you have rather picked the space grey or silver options?​

No regrets. Love my gold. It's sleek, new and different.Sekelani Zwambila, iMore Forums Member

I suspect most people have no regrets over their purchase. Otherwise, they would have taken the time to exchange it when that window was open but I also know that in the past, it has taken me some time to realize I may have been happier with something else only to of have missed out on the return period. With that in mind, I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say this might have happened to others as well when it comes to the gold iPhone 5s.

I got one yesterday and am really trying to like it. I keep looking at my wife's space grey and kind of wishing I would have gotten that one.jaymojones, iMore Forums Member

So what do you gold iPhone 5s owners have to say? Is there anyone out there who's 'stuck' with a gold one now while longing for a different color or have any regrets otherwise? If so, what's the reason? Stop by the iMore Forums and let us know or drop some comments below.